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Page No.362
DescriptionAIRC - Award of Industrial Relations Commission
Publication No.C4552
Award Code 1821  
Date Posted07/27/2006

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Boral Prospect Quarry Transition to Closure (State) Award




Application by Boral Construction Materials Group Limited.


(No. IRC 1245 of 2006)


Before The Honourable Justice Walton, Vice-President

15 March 2006










The Transition Period


1.         Early Retirement




The Transition Period & Closure Period


1.         Alternative Employment

2.         Work Cover Tickets

3.         Retraining

4.         Outplacement Services

5.         Multi Skilling




The Closure Period


1.         Use of Contractors

2.         Supervision of Contractors

3          Selection and Labour Retention

4.         Retention Redundancy Payment

5.         Continuity of Quarrying Operations

6.         Media




The Post Closure Period


1.         New Business






1.         No Further Claims

2.         No Precedent

3.         Indexation of Monetary Amounts

4.         Set Off

5.         Relationship to Parent Award

6.         Disputes Procedure

7.         Anti-Discrimination

8.         Dictionary

9.         Area, Incidence and Duration




The Redevelopment of the Boral Quarries Prospect Greystanes Estate is a unique process for Boral Quarries and the Prospect quarry employees.


It involves the complete Redevelopment of the Estate leading to the largest remaining land release for residential and light commercial use in the Sydney basin (the Redevelopment).


Boral Quarries endeavours to optimise the finalisation of quarrying activities at Prospect to balance the profitability of quarrying activities and the Redevelopment.


This process will require a level of co-operation and flexibility not usually required in a standard quarrying operation and a recognition that all employment at the Prospect quarry will come to an end.


For their part many employees will see the Redevelopment as a threat to historically secure employment others will see it as a convenient opportunity to end working life or pursue other career opportunities.


Boral Quarries recognizes this and understands that employees will be affected differently.


Some will:


(a)        retire form working life;


(b)        seek further employment with Boral Quarries;


(c)        seek further employment with Boral generally; and


(d)        seek further employment elsewhere.


This award is designed to address all of these circumstances in a manner that ensures the success of the Redevelopment and Boral Quarries while reasonably and fairly responding to the needs of employees.


There are three distinct periods that this award relates to the:


(a)        Transition Period (2003 to 2005);


(b)        Closure Period (2006 to ending of quarrying activities); and


(c)        Post Closure Period (after the current quarrying activities have ceased).




The Transition Period


Part 1. Applies During the Transition Period Only.


1.  Early Retirement


A number of employees may already be considering and planning for retirement from working life.  For some employees this may co-inside conveniently with the finalization of quarrying activities.  For others the timing may be less convenient and they may wish to retire before the finalization of quarrying activities. To assist and facilitate this during the Transition Period, Boral Quarries will allow any employee who is fifty five years of age or more with twenty or more years of service to elect to take a retirement redundancy package of 26 weeks pay for the purposes of retiring from working life (replacing them with contract labour if required).


To avoid any doubt the:


(a)        RRP will not apply to any employee taking up this option; and


(b)        Redundancy provisions of the Parent Award do not apply to an employee electing to take a retirement redundancy package.




The Transition Period & Closure Period


Part 2. Applies During the Transition Period and Closure Period Only.


1.  Alternative Employment


Boral Quarries is committed to working with the employees to locate employment opportunities at other quarries within the quarries division.


Boral Quarries has already interviewed all employees to determine, in concert with them, their priorities and preferences in terms of on-going employment etc.


As a consequence of this Boral Quarries has re-located a number of suitable employees to both its Dunmore and Peat’s Ridge quarries.


Employees will periodically be interviewed to keep them informed of job opportunities and to determine any changing priorities they have.


Boral Quarries prefers to transfer existing employees rather than recruit afresh where the existing employee is the best candidate. This can benefit Boral Quarries by:


(a)        reducing costs;


(b)        avoiding a potentially lengthy recruitment process; and


(c)        minimizing the need for extended induction and job take up.


Accordingly, Boral Quarries will offer suitable candidates transfers to other quarries where such positions exist rather than recruiting from the open market. 1


Boral Quarries will also make available to employees relevant internal Boral job vacancies that appear on the Boral intra net.


2.  Work Cover Tickets


Employees may wish to take the skills they currently hold and utilize them in related industries.  To assist in this process Boral Quarries will provide at its cost the opportunity for employees to obtain Work Cover tickets for any equipment they currently operate at Prospect quarry.



1 This does not affect the common law rights and obligations or Boral or employees in relation to accepting or declining suitable alternative employment at sites other than Prospect Quarry.


3.  Retraining


To assist any employee retrain for work out side of the quarry industry Boral Quarries will pay up to $782.25 or such higher amount that Boral considers reasonable in the circumstances, to the cost of any retraining activity upon remittance of receipts.


This does not affect the common law rights and obligations of Boral or employees in relation to accepting or declining suitable alternative employment at sites other than Prospect Quarry.


4.  Outplacement Services


Boral Quarries will provide upon request outplacement services to employees including:


(a)        assistance in writing resumes;


(b)        training/counselling on interview preparation; and


(c)        financial counselling,


to a value of $1564.50 from a provider mutually acceptable to both Boral Quarries and the Union.


5.  Multi Skilling


The employees acknowledge that as part of the transition and closure they may be required to:


(a)        use competencies or skills they do not regularly use; and/or


(b)        obtain competencies or skills not currently held.




(a)        an employee may be directed to perform any work within their competence or skill (when and as directed by Boral Quarries) 2; and


(b)        employees shall use their best endeavours to obtain competencies or skills they currently do not hold if required by Boral Quarries.




The Closure Period


Part 3 applies during the Closure Period only.


1.  Use of Contractors


Boral Quarries anticipate that they could utilise contractors extensively during the Closure Period and thereafter.  The use of contractors already extends to:


(a)        part of the operator workforce;


(b)        specialist work; and


(c)        some maintenance activities.


The use of contractors could extend to more or all quarrying activities.



2 This does not limit the operation of the mixed functions clause.


The employees acknowledge and accept this and will work co-operatively with Boral Quarries to ensure that any use of contractors is efficient and effective.


Accordingly, Boral Quarries may utilize contract labour as it sees fit.


2.  Supervision of Contractors


The employees acknowledge and accept that during the closure period they may be directed to:


(a)        oversee the work of contractors; and/or


(b)        assist in the training of contractors.


3.  Selection and Labour Retention


Boral Quarries will need to retain a core workforce until:


(a)        quarrying is finalised; or


(b)        a contract labour force is used.


Accordingly, from 1 August 2006, Boral Quarries may (irrespective of any provision in the Parent award but subject to Part 5 clause 7 of this award) select as it sees fit:


(a)        who will be made redundant;


(b)        when any redundancy is to be made; and


(c)        whether redundant positions are to be filled by contract labour.


4.  Retention Redundancy Payment


Subject to this award, in recognition of the co-operation and flexibilities provided for in this award and the need to retain core skills until the quarry closes, Boral Quarries will pay each employee a retention redundancy payment (the RRP), constituted as part of (and in addition to) any redundancy package arising from the Parent award.


The RRP will be:


Years of


Years of


Years of















































































The RRP shall:


(a)        only be paid when a job is made redundant in accordance with clause 3 of Part 3; and


(b)        not be paid to an employee if at any time during the closure period they materially breach any provision of this award.


5.  Continuity of Quarrying Operations


It is of critical importance that quarry operations continue during the closure period in a co-operative manner without resort to any industrial action.


Boral Quarries and the employees are unreservedly committed to achieving this. 


Accordingly, the employees shall not engage in any industrial action of any kind during the closure period.


To avoid any doubt:


(a)        this does not mean that an employee must undertake work if to do so would put them in an unsafe situation; and


(b)        any dispute that does arise will be processed through the disputes procedure in the Parent Award.


6.  Media


The employees shall not issue any statement, comment, information or document concerning Boral Quarries, the quarry or the Redevelopment in any media without the prior written approval of Boral Quarries.






Part 4 relates to the Post Closure Period only.  During the Post Closure Period the following shall apply.


1.  New Business


Boral Quarries may operate a new business on or about the current Prospect Quarry site.  Any such business (other than a business regulated by the Quarries &c, State Award) will be considered as a green fields site and as such:


(a)        the Parent Award shall not apply to it;


(b)        no existing employee will have an automatic right to any job in such a business;


(c)        any employee working in any such business will be selected on merit; and


(d)        Boral Quarries will consult with the Australian Workers Union NSW before applying for or making any industrial instrument to regulate the new business.






Part 5 relates to the:


(a)        Transition Period;


(b)        Closure Period; and


(c)        Post Closure Period.


1.  No Further Claims


The employees (and their union) undertake not to pursue any extra claims award or over award, arising from or connected with, directly or indirectly, the ending of their employment occasioned by the end to quarrying operations or arising from any significant change as contemplated by the Parent Award, except those arising from a Test Case decision of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW.


Notation: To avoid any doubt and for abundant caution this clause does not relate to claims for increases in wages and allowances which are governed by the Parent Award.


2.  No Precedent


The provisions of this award are not to be used by the Union in negotiations or proceedings concerning Boral Quarries or companies related to Boral Quarries and are not to be regarded as a precedent and are based on the particular facts and circumstances affecting Boral Quarries and its Prospect Quarry employees.


3.  Indexation of Monetary Amounts


The monetary amounts referred to in this award shall be indexed each year by any percentage increase applied to the ordinary weekly wage arising from the Parent Award.


4.  Set Off


Should the redundancy benefits in the Parent Award increase (or an award is made replacing or substituting for the Parent Award which has the effect of increasing the redundancy benefits in the Parent Award) after the making of this award the RRP will be reduced for each employee by any such increase at the time of their redundancy.


5.  Relationship to Parent Award


This award overrides the Parent award to the extent of any inconsistency and/or to the extent that this award deals with the same subject matter.


6.  Disputes Procedure


To avoid any doubt clause 2.6 Avoidance of Workplace Conflict of the Parent Award applies to this award.


7.  Anti-Discrimination


(a)        It is the intention of the parties bound by this award to seek to achieve the object in section 3(f) of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 to prevent and eliminate discrimination in the workplace. This includes discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, marital status, disability, homosexuality, transgender identity, age, trade union activity and responsibilities as a carer.


(b)        It follows that in fulfilling their obligations under the dispute resolution procedure prescribed by this award the parties have obligations to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the operation of the provisions of this award are not directly or indirectly discriminatory in their effects. It will be consistent with the fulfilment of these obligations for the parties to make application to vary any provision of the award that, by its terms or operation, has a direct or indirect discriminatory effect.


(c)        Under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, it is unlawful to victimise an employee because the employee has made or may make or has been involved in a complaint of unlawful discrimination or harassment.


(d)        Nothing in this clause is to be taken to affect:


(i)         any conduct or act which is specifically exempted from anti-discrimination legislation;


(ii)        offering or providing junior rates of pay to persons under 21 years of age;


(iii)       any act or practice of a body established to propagate religion which is exempted under section 56(d) of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977;


(iv)       a party to this award from pursuing matters of unlawful discrimination in any State or federal jurisdiction.


(e)        This clause does not create legal rights or obligations in addition to those imposed upon the parties by the legislation referred to in this clause.




(i)         Employers and employees may also be subject to Commonwealth anti-discrimination legislation.


(ii)        Section 56(d) of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 provides:


"Nothing in the Act affects any other act or practice of a body established to propagate religion that conforms to the doctrines of that religion or is necessary to avoid injury to the religious susceptibilities of the adherents of that religion."


8.  Dictionary


RRP means - the Retention Redundancy Payment arising from Part 4, clause 4.


Boral Quarries means - Boral Construction Materials Group Limited.


Employees means - an employee employed by Boral Quarries at the Prospect Quarry.


Contractor means - a contractor, sub-contractor or labour hire company.


Parent award means - the Boral Prospect Quarry (State) Award as varied or replaced.


Media means - and media without limiting the forgoing, television, video, radio, newsprint, magazines.


Transition Period means - 2003 to 2005.


Closure Period means - 2 006 to the cessation of quarrying activities at the Prospect Quarry.


Post Closure Period means - the period after the cessation of quarrying activities at the Prospect Quarry.


New business means - any business set up on or about the Prospect Quarry site (other than a business regulated by the Quarries, c. (State) Award.


Union means - the Australian Workers Union, New South Wales, or/and The Local Government Clerical, Administration, Energy, Airlines and Utilities Union.


Industrial action means - industrial action as defined in the Industrial Relations Act 1996.


9.  Area, Incidence and Duration


This award rescinds and replaces the Boral Prospect Quarry Transition to Closure (State) Award published 12 August 2005 (353 I.G. 64) and shall apply to all employees of Boral Quarries employed in the classifications set out in the Parent Award.


This award shall operate on and from 15 March 2006 and have a nominal term of thirty six months.




M. J. WALTON  J, Vice-President.








Printed by the authority of the Industrial Registrar.

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