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Friction Materials, &c., Manufacture (State) Award
Page No.1295
DescriptionVSW - Variation following State Wage Case
Publication No.C6702
Award Code 336  
Date Posted11/28/2008

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Friction Materials, &c., Manufacture (State) Award




Application by Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union, New South Wales Branch, Industrial Organisation of Employees.


(No. IRC 1150 of 2008)


Before Commissioner Cambridge

27 August 2008




1.        Delete subclauses (i) and (iv) of clause 5, Wages, of the award published 11 April 2008 (365 I.G. 467), and insert in lieu thereof the following:


(i)       Adult Employees: The following minimum rates of pay shall be paid:



Rate Per Week



Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Level 7




Senior Chargehand



(iv)     The rates of pay in this award include the adjustments payable under the State Wage Case 2008. These adjustments may offset against:


(a)      any equivalent over award payments, and/or


(b)      award wage increases since 29 May 1991 other than safety net, State Wage Case and minimum rates adjustments.


2.        Delete subclauses (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) of clause 8, Allowances, and insert in lieu thereof the following:


(i)       First Aid Allowance: An employee appointed to act as a first aid attendant in addition to normal duties shall be paid an additional allowance of $2.87 per day or shift.


(ii)      Boiler Attendant Certificate: An employee required to hold a Boiler Attendants Certificate shall be paid an additional $16.85 per week.


(iii)      All employees engaged in the periodic cleaning of the dust collection filtration plant shall be paid 79 cents per hour extra whilst so engaged.


(iv)     All employees engaged in handling pigmented oxide shall be paid 38 cents per hour extra whilst so employed.


3.        Delete clause 11, Shift Work Allowance for Shiftworkers, and insert in lieu thereof the following:


11.  Shiftwork Allowance For Shiftworkers


(i)       Adult shift workers on afternoon shift shall be paid $20.13 per shift and on night shift $23.00 in addition to the rates payable under this award.


(ii)       Adult shift workers who do not work day shift in regular rotation or who work permanent afternoon or night shift, shall in addition to the rates prescribed in subclause (i) of this clause be paid $5.04 for afternoon shift and $11.51 for night shift over and above the relevant rotating shift rate specified in subclause (i).


4.        Delete subclause (v), of clause 14, Meal Times, Meal Allowances and Crib Breaks and insert in lieu thereof the following:


(v)      An employee required to work overtime of two hours or more before or after the usual ceasing time shall be paid $7.76 for the first meal and $7.21 for each subsequent meal which will apply after every additional four hours overtime unless suitable meals are provided by the employer.  Should an employee be notified of the intention to work overtime and then not be called upon to do so, the employee shall be paid the sum of $7.72.


5.        This variation shall take effect from the beginning of the first pay period to commence on or after 29 July 2008.




I. W. CAMBRIDGE, Commissioner






Printed by the authority of the Industrial Registrar.


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