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Ambulance Service of New South Wales - Sydney Ambulance Centre (Employee Car Parking) Award
Page No.290
DescriptionRIRC - Award Review by Industrial Relations Commission
Publication No.C9481
Award Code 1886  
Date Posted07/26/2022

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Ambulance Service of New South Wales - Sydney Ambulance Centre (Employee Car Parking) Award




Review of Award pursuant to Section 19 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996.


(Case No. 194563 of 2021)


Before Commissioner Sloan

15 December 2021






The Sydney Ambulance Centre (SAC), operated by the Ambulance Service of New South Wales (the Service), is located within leased premises at Australia Technology Park (ATP), Eveleigh, Sydney, New South Wales.


Employees of the Service employed at the Sydney Ambulance Centre have sought provision of access to secure car parking facilities at ATP at rates subsidised by the Service.


Secure parking at ATP is available only at a commercial facility.


This Award provides for specific subsidies to employees of the Service who, subject to the terms of the Award, subscribe for allocation of car parking at the facility operated by ATP, where the car parking space to be utilised is leased by the Service from ATP.






"The Service" means the Ambulance Service of New South Wales.


"ATP" means the Australia Technology Park, Eveleigh.


"Employee" means those engaged by the Secretary, NSW Health who are employed at NSW Ambulance, whose normal place of work is the SAC, Eveleigh.


“SAC employee” means an employee of the Service whose normal place of employment is the SAC, Eveleigh, including employees of the Medical Retrieval Unit (MRU).




Car Parking Subsidy for Employees


(1)       The following arrangements apply on and from 22 February 2019.


(2)       The Employer will subsidise a maximum of 50 car spots which may be shared among SAC employees.


(i)       SAC Employees who wish to subscribe to the car parking arrangement provided by this Award must agree to contribute to the cost of parking under the terms of this Award for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.





(3)       Car Parking Subsidy - SAC Employees


(i)       Where no less than 25 SAC employees agree to subscribe, and continue to subscribe, to car parking arrangements in accordance with this Award, the Service must make available to those employees such car parking spaces at an ATP car parking facility as are agreed between the Service and the car park provider.


(ii)      Where no less than 25 and no more than 50 SAC employees agree to subscribe to the car parking arrangement, each such employee must contribute $47.85 per week toward the cost of the parking by way of payroll deduction.


(iii)     Where more than 50 SAC employees subscribe to the car parking arrangement, each employee must contribute an equal amount per week, which will be reduced proportionately from the amount of $47.85 per week for each employee in excess of 50 employees who subscribes to the car parking arrangement i.e. Where 100 such employees subscribe, the contribution per employee will be $23.95, calculated as follows: 50/100 x $47.85 per week.


(iv)     Employee contributions under this Award will be adjusted in direct proportion to variations to the cost to the Service of the car parking spaces charged.


(v)      The employee contributions outlined in (ii) above have been computed on the basis of a car park cost being $3,828 per annum (or $73.62 per week) (of which an employee contributes $47.85 per week and the Service contributes $25.51 per week).


(4)       No Further Claims


(i)       The employees (and their union) undertake not to pursue any extra claims award or over award, arising from or connected with, directly or indirectly, the provision of car parking for employees at SAC.


(ii)      The benefits of this Award apply only to SAC employees.


(5)       Dispute Resolution


(i)       The provisions of clause 42, Issues Resolution, of the Paramedics and Control Centre Officers (State) Award 2021 published 10 September 2021 (390 I.G. 325), as varied or replaced from time to time, will be used by the parties to resolve any disputes or grievances arising out of the operation of this Award.


(6)       Commencement and Term of Award


(i)       The changes made to the award following the Award Review pursuant to section 19(6) of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 and Principle 26 of the Principles for Review of Awards made by the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales on 28 April 1999 (310 I.G. 359) take effect on and from 15 December 2021.


(iii)     This award remains in force until varied or rescinded, the period for which it was made already having expired.




D. SLOAN, Commissioner





Printed by the authority of the Industrial Registrar.

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